Matthew Hary saw his first magic show during the summer of 2013, when he saw Drew Thomas perform at Mohegan Sun. He quickly fell in love with the art of magic at that very moment in time. Soon after, Mathew began learning a variety of magic tricks and performing for his classmates in sixth grade. His first show was for the grade under him and he soon learned that the only thing better than performing for people is actually fooling them.

In the fall of 2015 Matthew saw two New England magicians perform at the Garde Arts Center in New London. After the show Matthew went up to get his ticket signed and he told one of the magicians that he was a budding magician. This began a longstanding mentorship for Matthew, as well as a lifelong friendship. Matthew soon learned about SAM #63 (New London Society Of American Magicians), where he quickly learned more advanced magic and invaluable advice on how to perform.

During the COVID-19 pandemic Matthew would practice every hour of the day, perfecting his craft. When the world opened up again in the summer of 2021, he began to perform at the first of many restaurants in Mystic, Connecticut. At the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, Matthew began to get more and more gigs and during the early months of 2022, he branched out to perform at an array of additional restaurants. He currently performs at a variety of eateries on a regular basis.

During November of 2022, Matthew stepped outside of his comfort zone and performed at Comix Roadhouse in Mohegan Sun. The youngest magician to take the stage at Comix, his very first stage show sold out with over 200 people in attendance.

In March of 2023, Matthew began his own intimate parlor show, Matthew Hary: An Evening To Remember, at Thames River Wine and Spirits in New London. The first show sold out in less than three days and he now has his own residency there.

Matthew frequently books private events such as corporate receptions, weddings and cocktail hours. He performs hard-hitting, visual magic that he has worked constantly on to make his own.

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