“Combine the comedy chops of The RoastMaster General, Jeff Ross, with the card skills of an accomplished magician, and you have created Matthew Hary. Thoroughly entertaining in a you-can’t- turn-away fashion, Matthew’s quick-witted comedy, combined with masterful sleight-of-hand magic, grabs you hard and doesn’t let go until it’s over! It certainly was An Evening To Remember!”


“The skill of illusion and misdirection is only part of the reason why young Matthew makes a grand magician. His bright personality makes the evening remarkable! Magic exists to create a sense of awe, to have fun. And Matthew’s show is both a celebration of his journey, and a masterful presentation of the art of magic! The venue is gorgeous. The performance is spectacular! If you enjoy magic, you’ll love this show!”


“We were lucky to see Matthew performing at a restaurant in Mystic. Needless to say, he amazed us with his performance and kept us wanting more! We loved it so much we asked Matt to perform at our son’s college graduation party! Our guests were so impressed! Matt has a great sense of humor that keeps you laughing and a magical talent that keeps you guessing! A definite must for all! We are looking forward to his next show. A must see for a magical good time!”


“Matthew is AMAZING! Even when he did tricks that we expected, his talent was mind blowing. Flawless show! He interacts with the crowd so be ready lol! My husband and I LOVED it! Hilarious and very very impressive!”


“Grab a date, grab wifey or hubby, and go check this young man out…If you need a perfect date night idea here it is… the venue is amazing and it’s such a badass show!!! Support local talent, he’s the real freakin deal!!! It’s got some kick ass magic with a twist of comedy. My stomach hurt after his first show. Go check Matthew Hary out…. He will blow your damn mind!”


“To say that I am super excited about Matthew Hary An Evening to Remember, a performance of closeup magic and illusions, would be a gross understatement. Over the past several years I have watched him grow from a mere spectator of magic to an accomplished sleight of hand artist. Amazement, excitement, and sense of wonder will wash over you as you witness the skillful presentation. Magic has never been in such good hands.”

– JIM SPINNATO, Hypnotist/Matthew’s Mentor

“We first saw Matthew at a restaurant and were awe struck. He is by far the best magician we have seen and my husband and I have even seen Criss Angel! We loved Matthew so much we ended up booking him for our wedding.”

– OLIVIA KING, Musician

“ To say I am amazed by Matt’s magic is an understatement! Matt brings so much excitement and energy to his shows!His performance is a must see! Matt’s humor gives his show that extra special touch . You have to check out his next show when he performs locally in Ledyard! ”

– JACKIE MEJIA, Valentino’s Restaurant

“To say I was amazed would be an understatement ! We were sitting front and center at Mathew’s latest show and we’re left awestruck trying to figure out exactly how he was accomplishing what he was doing. He is masterful and his comedic timing is well honed. This has been my third time seeing him perform and I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every show! We have asked Mathew to perform at my son’s wedding rehearsal dinner and we are so looking forward to yet another mesmerizing performance!”


“Matt Hary is a rising star in magic! He’s got everything it takes…skill, determination, dedication and he’s a heck of a nice guy! I’m thrilled for his success!”

– LYN DILLIES, Illusionist

“Matthew Hary has that IT factor! Charismatic Magic is how I would describe it. It’s only a matter of time until Matthew Hary is a household name.”


” Matt’s talent is something that is indescribable. The show he puts on is something that must be seen to be believed. Matt will not only keep you amazed by his magic, but also make your cheeks and gut hurt from laughter with his comedy. I can’t recommend it enough that you go to one, or five, of his shows to watch the magic happen, you will not be disappointed. “


“What an amazing show!! Not only are your skills insane.. you kept us laughing the whole time. You are in the road to success with that act!!! If you haven’t seen him in action you are missing out. The magic will make your head spin! Fantastic time”


“Matthew Hary’s enthusiasm is so contagious. His ability to keep you looped in until the reveal is like being mesmerized by a great story teller. And reveals…. Every single time I am in awe of the reveal. Shocked, squealing with astonishment and delight. I love, love, love seeing this entertainer!”


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